Friday 14th June 2024,
Sandeep Mann

Causes & Campaigns

No man is an island, and before one asserts one’s rights, one has to learn to faithfully discharge duties. The greatest duty is towards self – creating a good work ethic, honoring potential of body-mind-spirit, valuing the values. Thence come roles towards family, community, nation and the planet. If I can say one thing about my self, guess it is this that I have always felt for the larger needs of society, and worked towards satiating these, giving a backseat to personal assets building. Feel, a few guys like me are also needed.

Have been engaged in the following specific Causes & Campaigns:

  • Promotion of Lateral Thinking: On cue by Edward de Bono and Roger von Oech and Tom Wujec, have fostered the thought that “thinking” can be learnt; esp. lateral thinking – run Mental Gymnasium workshop series.
  • Propounding Board Diversity: Am targeting having an equal number of women and men directors on chosen 5000 firms by 2030. At the current rates, even USA seems to touch this milestone by 2070. Board Diversity, Gender and ethnicity-wise, correlates highly with superior business performance besides being representative and inclusive.
  • Invest time in giving impetus to greater adoption of Bridge and Chess by the student community.
  • 5% Time goes to Academics – visiting various institutions, schools, colleges; talking with grade IV or grade VII or MBA or BTech or MBBS or MassCom, whatever stream students/ faculty, requesting them to move ahead in life, faster.
  • Resurfacing of countryside roads in Haryana. Am a very mild RTI activist, employ this in extremely selective cases.
  • Project Good Karma: This is an international community I am administrator of, wherein we encourage people to give, but give directly through own hand and effort. No charity or funds are gathered. The bliss in helping someone directly, without getting lost in chain of funds collection, and without rationalising whether such help is a right act or not, is phenomenal.
  • Pushing for Practice of Meaningful Diversity: Why do we want diversity, because we want pluralism of ideas, which comes from celebrating local culture and uniqueness. Firms have diversity as an agenda, but the actually make everyone work in the uniform style (mainly feudal), thus robbing of the benefits of diversity. We encourage dissent and conflict of opinion, thereby attempting to make diversity meaningful.
  • Having been an achieving student, albeit with unorthodox methods and approaches, help every kind of student realize academic and professional excellence – celebrating individual differences.
  • While respecting all cultures and histories, I carry humility based pride in my community, of being a Jat. It is a unique culture and needs to be treasured. Have been trying for many years in giving Haryanvi Jatoo, a script, that grabs its nuances better.
  • Lifelong Continued Learning for all, and esp. advanced concepts learning for HR professionals is what I espouse. have seen senior people who haven’t read a book in last 2-3 years! Try to change such a behaviour – we all should read a book, of whatever sort, every 3 weeks.

Email your suggestions/ willingness to join us in making the economy, the society and the planet a better place.