Thursday 13th June 2024,
Sandeep Mann

Venture Funding

With deep conviction that entrepreneurship needs to be supported and encouraged, have been instrumental in deployment of Venture Funds, via Investing Organizations, Angel Investors and Hedge Funds in numerous initiatives. Due Diligence is a forte, across multiple sectors.

Thus if you are an investors with a longer-term investment horizon, the opportunities to create optimised returns and manage a balanced portfolio, ca be shared with you. In case you carry a sectoral focus, scouting within that scope can be prescribed.

A keen eye is kept on prospective returns, risks anticipated, appropriate and multiple models applied. A pragmatic human nature, and Indian realities perspective is always kept in mind. The A, B, C funding series are maturedly advised in implementation.

Formal and informal networking with hordes of experts allows pooling a rich experience and insight bank. Smart business models and contract formulations are a strength.