Friday 24th May 2024,
Sandeep Mann


Having been a serial entrepreneur, been a polymath with diverse interests, possess a soft corner for various freelancers.

It is a great personal education to interact with freelancers, and pick their ideas. It is also satisfying to be of value to them, in their professional growth and practice. Try to be of service to freelancers from various domains in:

  • boosting their commitment to the trade chosen
  • enabling fledgling ones to find sustainable earning channels
  • cross-fraternize and pick memberships of relevant associations
  • set in ethics and fair justice proponency for competitiveness of the country
  • extend global outreach to the domestic bound

Domains, and trades and genres are:

  • management practitioners
  • HR/ Finance/ Consulting/ Brand savants
  • Young Joinees, Ladies taking a plunge
  • Legal fraternity
  • IT-Software aficionados
  • Education turf professors, teachers and consultants
  • Architects, Designers
  • Speakers and Mentors
  • Assorted Trades and Skillset People

Freelancers by choice, not by duress, are the backbone builders of a nation and economy. Respect and reverence for them.

Set up an interaction to explore the possibilities.