Thursday 13th June 2024,
Sandeep Mann

Trends Tabbing

I am no futurist, yet futurology interests me – even if an outline of future could be gauged, it serves huge value today. And as insightful people have commented, you got to create the desired future. This implies you can read the trends and see the arriving future is converging with what you wanted or not.

If there is a variance, let it be controlled via actions we make in today, in now, in present.

The areas of interest are Global and Asian consumer trends, insights and related innovations; technology and manufacturing trends, business models & start-up frames, and educational/ learning disruptions. .
Pool in inputs from freinds, fellow esperts, and imaginative individuals. This entails a study or forecasting of potential developments, as in science, technology, and society, using current conditions and trends as a point of departure. Savour these: