Friday 24th May 2024,
Sandeep Mann

Strategy & Values

Gramscian thought blended with Lala Hardayal’s and Jiddu Krishnamurthy’s, as appropriated for today’s times is what forms your core. This core dictates the values treasured, and thereby scopes (and out-scopes) various actions and behaviours. With such a powerhouse at the core, the uniqueness differentiators/ definers, allow strategic layout.

I admire quantum change – though incrementalism has its own place in our world.

In terms of formulation, the economic landscape already ad beautiful formulations:
Instance – Merck’s:
“Our aspiration is to make great things happen.” The first sentence of our Mission Statement also applies to our values and shapes the way the company is managed. In order for the Mission Statement to be reliably implemented, we have created globally consistent tools and control systems. This enables us to actively shape our corporate culture and measure ourselves even better against our own principles.
The corporate strategy is targeted to success, but equally respects the interests of employees, customers, providers of capital, and society.
Our values and strategy give our employees clear orientation for their daily work.

I specialise in defining what works for you, YOU – and then get it to fruition.
Implementation is my forte.

Stuff to inspire you – help you knock your thoughts together: