Friday 24th May 2024,
Sandeep Mann

Projects & Portfolios

Have been evangelising the Project Management Methodologies across the world for a decade now. Have been a votary of the Zen espoused by PMI – and have not only spread the thought widely in US-Europe, but have led the pioneering agent in taking PMI to Asia. Near-flawless execution of projects has been a passion with my teams. The world can be made a better place (humming the Michael Jackson song!), if not only the efficiency of various processes are enhanced, but also commissioning of what seems Right is encouraged, while decommissioning of all that that seems inappropriate/ ill-advised.

Propound 4 tracks:
– let there be the Right Portfolio.
– let there be the Right Programs.
– let there be the Right Projects.
– let there be Right People too.

We bring high-end consulting and deployment solutions to cherished clients across a range of sectors and practice areas. Besides the expertise, years of culled insights, and refined thinking, we bring enthusiasm for success in projects, we bring unwavering commitment in delivering the promised value, and we bring a legacy of hands-on cross-disciplinary experience.

Right Portfolio
Often firms and individuals are lost in ameliorating quality of service and processes. They tweak this and that – yet surprisingly, results are not as expected. This is because merely making things better or efficient isn’t adequate. Many a times one has to step back, and objectively look at the dashboard, and see what items do not belong there. Time, money and effort are dissipated in initiatives which in the first place ought not to have begun.
The portfolio of initiatives or projects should be sanitized – filled up with Right choice of projects, and cleaned up of the ill-advised ones. Astonishingly, dashboards of even senior functionaries in Fortune-500 companies are littered with clutter of wrong engagements. We bring our proprietary TRPP – Touchstone Right Portfolio Profiler to aid of clients. This allows populating the dashboard with most apposite projects, at the inception/ initiating stage itself.

Right Program
Once the portfolio has been set right, the programs have to be set right. A group of inter-related projects is what a program is. A clockwork meshing of the inter-related projects is what generates genuine synergy.
This entails right prioritisation of the projects, and according allocation of resources, viz. capital, time, human resources and managerial effort. An imbalanced program invokes inefficiencies and structural weaknesses. Our proprietary approach MMB – MultiPan MultiBeam Balancer for clients is admired all over. This is founded on Pareto’s 80-20 and also compensatory vectors basis. It awards indices to various projects, premised on expected outcomes and investment requirements.

Right Projects
Taking a project through numerous stages in its lifecycle, from an ad hoc level to a managed level is what Right Project is all about. This is a core offering from our house, evolved over years of practice across hundreds of clients, ranging over tens of industries and locations. It isn’t a science alone here, it has been perfected into an art form. The partners bring best of pragmatism, most intense of passion, and unwavering commitment to excellence in this practice. The success stories we have had inspire greater zeal and more refined techniques.

The elaborate Project Management Offices our teams have set up are set in realities of the sector and the firm’s culture. This is why they churn expected results, and are not a mere wishful thinking expedition. Not only is there a copybook application of the concepts of PMBOK, the practical implementation ease too is factored in the design. Our PMO Consulting brings clarity in right portfolio, right sequencing of programs, right implementation of projects, with right set of people.

Our key cornerstone is a robust governance system, which brings control and guiderails of monitoring in practice. The resulting efficiencies, cost reductions and well managed project delivery timelines are satisfying outcomes, best fit with quality levels and scope limitations as desired. And it is a dynamic system, bringing continual improvements. The complexity of projects and portfolios is not daunting at all.

Am happy to acknowledge its role in enabling better service-oriented organizations all over the global economy. Technology integration allows automation and neater visibility of state of progress of various projects. We are noted in industry for our acquisitively designed dashboards, which work on multiple devices, and empower superior decision making by senior management. Naturally, optimization of resources is ensured.

Please contact us for hiring our professional services in best management of your business opportunities and threats. No doubt, we shall prove to be reliable allies of yours in discovery and maintenance of sustainable competitive advantages of your firm(s).

You may request us for related case studies illustrating our practice area, showcasing the client’s environment, our analysis, and the actionability we brought in.