Thursday 13th June 2024,
Sandeep Mann

Training & Nurture

Carrying firm convictions in infinite potential of humans, and having fostered better career options and life for 50,000+ souls, training comes naturally to me – it almost flows from heart. And creative energies adapting established theories and models lends it that critical edge.

Being competitive and possessing sound leadership skills are desirable characteristics in every individuals in our society – and we bring to fore novel approaches in developing them. It all commences with establishing a strong self-respect core in the person, a faith in one’s potential. Dismantling ossified beliefs and unvalidated assumptions is the enext step – it strips one naked, and vulnerable. Therein lie seeds of success.

A votary of different principles like Glacier > River, the three finger presence model, Spiraling, Cold Start et al makes the aspirant fundamentally strong and successful. It is all fun based, as all learning ought to be, with simulation games as a central piece.

Analogues from diverse streams are applied to deliver increased learning efficiency, depth of knowledge gained, information retention, and programme completion. This applies to every turf, every challenge, and every age group.