Sunday 19th May 2024,
Sandeep Mann


You are in a senior role at a Corporate, and are looking for what exactly I can do for you. Assume your culture is one of transparency, and forwardness, that you value substance and not frills, that you truly honour the people you’ve and not play a mere lip service.

Have spent 2+ decades working with leading and ambitious corporate on Learning & Mentoring – the vehicles here are the exciting simulation games [Markstart of INSEAD, France; Celemi; Medici], power talks [Ice-breaker, Opening talk, Closing talk at Annual Conferences], workshops [bootcamps as per customized needs]:

  • onboarding company vision
  • onboarding customer centricity
  • onboarding competition face-off
  • onboarding evolving business context
  • onboarding new company facets (processes, policies, styles, systems)
  • Six Levels of Strategy-Leadership-Innovation Mindset [6-SLIM]
  • the Business Creativity Gymnasium Work-out
  • SAAR – Actionable extracts of management articles off global publications
  • Certification Programs [Recruitment, Risk Management, ProjectSkills]
  • Bill Gates 200 in 2 weeks Sojourn

On the Content and Research fronts, the genres here are delineating trends [industry, economy, competition, customer], boosting performance & impact [responsiveness, metrics], exhaustive case studies [historicity, strategic problem, CSR, employability], and organizational resculpting [training manuals, training software]:

  • CXO’s Daily Briefing
  • industry reports – trends, potential, risks profile
  • manuals – policy, audit
  • inhouse learning program audit
  • Customer Knowledge & Analysis
  • experiential marketing & events
  • establishing corporate learning university
  • case studies for global branding, convergence and solution generating
  • market & business intelligence support

On the Advisory & Governance frontier, the engagement brings in robust mindsets and processes towards strategic alignment, innovation groundswell, leadership mentoring, and board level consultations:

  • Vision resculpting
  • Board level appointments
  • Corporate Governance Compliance
  • Responsible Corporatization
  • Succession Planning & Talent Management
  • Cultural Overhauling
  • Business Model Auditing/ Strategy Audit
  • Mergers & Acquisitions Handholding
  • Diversification Strategizing
  • Mentoring Board members and CXO’s

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