Thursday 13th June 2024,
Sandeep Mann

Talent Search

Primarily, this is what I’ve done professionally – having enabled career moves of 800+ Vice-Presidents and CXOs across multiple sectors, and thousands of mid-level managers, ranging over all functions. Have visited numerous campuses, scouting talent amongst MBAs and BTechs and MassComms and Law graduates.

My Executive Search has grown into a network of multiple asosciative firms and freelancers, and attained a leadership position, as it is based on processes perfected over decades. The sector footprint is complete: Life Sciences, FMCG, Retail, Telecom, Infrastructure, Consumer Durables, Media & Entertainment et al.

Expertise ranges over own proprietary psychometrics, that truly signal talent away from the mass. C2J is a unique practice that helps peple out of jobs or planning the next switch to get a good deal. Transformative sessions in this sense have found a significant followership.

Ethnicity-based, women and foreign expat talents is a major strength.