Friday 24th May 2024,
Sandeep Mann

Enterpreneurship & Models

I have never worked in a job. Maybe since as a student I couldn’t stay bound to useless classes, and the 9 to 6 routine of offices was too dreary a proposition. Having been a serial entrepreneur, I firmly believe it is entrepreneurs who would build India and this world. Thus have a soft corner for start-ups.

Greiner Curve is what got me interested in a formal study of this discipline. Schumpeter’s disruptive innovation, biological landscaping and umpteen models have held my attention over so many years now. If you’ve interest in this arena, it would be lovely to collaborate. Succession planning is my forte.

Particularly like to support disadvantaged or non-business background community members from Start-Ups.
E-Commerce is a speciality, esp. its branding, content, and business process.
Peter Drucker’s Theory of Business is the base, of course.

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