Thursday 13th June 2024,
Sandeep Mann

Organization Mentoring

Having been a serial entrepreneur, and seen Fortune-500 strategies from close range, has uniquely empowered me, blessed me with organizational insights, esp. large and MSME. Such consulting on problem to problem basis and otherwise is available.

An exemplary creation is the x3 Multiplier in topline in 10 years. Another is scale change for Micro, Small and Medium enterprises, and that too organically. Of course the inorganic pathway is also laid out. The 6 SLIM intervention and the LMI interventions are also very effective.

Vision Resculpting is something we’ve done a lot – as that isn’t a cosmetic exercise, but truly redefines an organization and its people. Core Values seeding requires an unafraid management and ownership, a scenario that is changing for the good in current India.