Sunday 21st April 2024,
Sandeep Mann

Being a Diamond : 01

Most statistics say that corporate recruiters are inundated with candidates applying for various jobs. However, even after lots of screening, they need to assess and interview more than 10-15 aspirants to come up with a right fit.

Again, this “right fit” is satisfying their requirements only to the tune of 60-80%.


NOW, this is an opportunity for the candidate who’s

a) thinking kind, rational and objective

b) willing to work hard and make her ready for the target role


Are you fitting these two criterion? Or are you:

i) a mere wishful thinking kind of a person

ii) shallow in research of the role, the firm, the industry

iii) negligent on your CV (formatted badly, with bloomers)

iv) unmindful of your communication impact


Think through.

If you’re willing to amend your proposition, you’d have successful experience in grabbing the job you want.

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