Sunday 21st April 2024,
Sandeep Mann

The Future of Island Economies

The world is changing – and many potent changes can create challenges of alarming proportions. The fabled Global Warming (its truth and untruth notwithstanding), has ramifications towards whole planet, esp. the island economies.

A melting of polar icecaps can initiate complex chain of actions that have only one denouement – rising ocean water levels, which threaten the very existence of island economies.

Besides tourism and resources such economies offer in world’s GDP eco-system, the existence and identity of people who are denizens there needs attention of utmost gravity. Practical planning: ecological, urban/ rural, industry and citizenry is of paramount vitality. Attention to key ecological concepts tailored to meet the needs of planners is a niche consulting domain. The author holds many decades of research yielding valuable insights for such islands’ governments and agencies. Clear guidelines and a wealth of information on how to protect species and ecosystems while at the same creating healthy, sustainable human communities is his forte.

Anchored in advanced scientific canons, he integrates multiple dimensions of competitiveness. His advice is pragmatic, and resource minimalistic. Of course, it has imprint of relevant innovations. A multitude of land and sea flora and fauna stand to gain by implementing his assessed recommendations, proving useful for their pristine rivers and forests and wildlife. Policy lobbying across nations (even land locked ones) alone can be savior for island economies. He instructs ways ahead via scenarios modeling and anticipatory proactive agendas.

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