Sunday 21st April 2024,
Sandeep Mann

We have had numerous experiences of engaging and energizing group members/ employees via formation of dedicated WhatsApp groups. Across best of MNCs and MSMEs.

A catchy name, a lovely icon, brief description, and you can get going.

A very non-invasive way of communicating positivity, ideation and challenges to group members. Lo9oking at typical profile of members, the complexity and sophistication can be varied. An intelligent relevant editorial policy with aligned admins helps the content stay stimulating. As per the situation, group members may be allowed to comment, or send direct messages in response to prompts.

But for 5-10% apathetic people, almost everyone enjoys such prompts. They eventually become happier, creative, and smarter. Competitiveness spirit is fired up; learning with  fun is guaranteed. Prize money spices things up.

What else can one want.

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