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Sandeep Mann

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The End of a Journey is the Journey itself.

“The end of a journey is the journey itself” encapsulates a profound perspective on the nature of journeys and their significance. Here are a few interpretations and reflections on this statement: 1. **Emphasis on Process over Outcome:** This phrase suggests [...]

June 27, 2024 Awareness, Career Success, Entrepreneurship, Life Skills, Spirituality

I Playing with Cat OR Cat Playing with Me

Understanding whether your cat is playing with you or you’re playing with your cat can sometimes be tricky, but there are a few cues to watch for: 1. **Initiation:** Observe who initiates the play. If your cat approaches you with [...]

June 27, 2024 Awareness, Innovation, Life Skills, Spirituality
Captain Richard Flaherty

Fighting Spirit

Richard J. Flaherty due to complications at his birth only grew to 4-Foot-9-inches tall 97-Pounds. Coming from a family of military heroes Richard also wanted to do his part and serve his country. People laughed at the idea of a [...]

June 27, 2024 Career Success, Life Skills
Gen gap

Asking Alone Ain’t Enough

It’s always an interesting discussion: how current generations are different from the earlier ones.  The stance of the senior ones is typically to announce nostalgia for their younger days (Doordarshan, simpler lives, close to nature, “real” sports, et al).  The [...]

June 9, 2023 Awareness, Career Success, Life Skills, Society

Crunch Point Thesis

Biological evolution versus Social evolution…. Mankind chose to raise Social evolution as a counter to slow biological evolution (so no survival of the fittest – of 100 aspects needed to survive biologically, if someone has 5-10, that’s OK – the [...]

April 27, 2022 Awareness, Competitiveness, Innovation, Life Skills, Management, Society, Spirituality

Let’s Engage Employees Innovatively

We have had numerous experiences of engaging and energizing group members/ employees via formation of dedicated WhatsApp groups. Across best of MNCs and MSMEs. A catchy name, a lovely icon, brief description, and you can get going. A very non-invasive [...]

April 23, 2022 Human Resources, Innovation, Leadership, Life Skills, Management, Spirituality

Purposes, Conversations & Stuff…

Recruiters and HR Professionals, Greetings! Let’s gravitate further towards being a business focused organization. I am commenting on few observations I’ve made. 1. Purpose: Ours lives ought to have a purpose, our years/ months/ weeks/ days need to have a [...]

July 27, 2016 Blog, Human Resources, Leadership, Life Skills

A Message from an HR Fraternity Colleague

Recruiters and HR Professionals, Greetings! In these times of chaos, flux and what not transpiring in companies and on career fronts, how do we find sanity, how do we surge ahead, how do we stay meaningful and happy? Here’s a [...]

July 27, 2016 Blog, Human Resources, Leadership, Life Skills
be one with nature

Value Nature – Stay Connected

Disconnect with nature, non-appreciation of its laws, can wreak havoc. We have experts talking of the Butterfly Effect, indicating the tenuous devious fine-balance way there is interconnectedness between various modules, systems, flora and fauna of our universe, our planet, our [...]

February 3, 2015 Blog, Competitiveness, Life Skills, Society, Sustainability
Be happy

Live to the Hilt – Be Happy

Don’t Worry, Be happy went the Grammy winning song. For the sheer thrill, the lyrics bring, as written by Bobby McFerrin: Here’s a little song I wrote You might want to sing it note for note Don’t worry be happy [...]

January 26, 2015 Blog, Life Skills, Society