Sunday 21st April 2024,
Sandeep Mann
Biological evolution versus Social evolution…. Mankind chose to raise Social evolution as a counter to slow biological evolution (so no survival of the fittest – of 100 aspects needed to survive biologically, if someone has 5-10, that’s OK – the society would nurture and help survive). Needless to say, biological-chemical facets still matter a lot. But then we can have Stephen Hawkings survive and contribute too.
Social evolution:
a. No language phase
b. some language 60,000 years ago
c. no physics phase
d. some physics phase
e. Newtonian physics
f. Einstein relativistic physics
g. Quantum physics
h. Physics yet to be discovered
We meet situations of various kinds – every situation has a “crunch point”; some are managed with “c. no physics”, some need “g. Quantum physics”, and even Einstein physics flops. Some have all current physics flop.
a. No language phase
b. some language 60,000 years ago
c. no psychology phase
d. some psychology phase
e. Freudian psychology
f. Skinner psychology
g. Piaget psychology
h. formative level of cell chemistry linked to cognition
i. Psychology yet to be discovered
Some situations are manageable even with no language, few need Freud, few have all current psychology apologetic.
Every situation has its own kind of crunch needs.
Most mankind operates at a, b, c, d level.

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