Friday 14th June 2024,
Sandeep Mann

Asking Alone Ain’t Enough

Gen gap

It’s always an interesting discussion: how current generations are different from the earlier ones.  The stance of the senior ones is typically to announce nostalgia for their younger days (Doordarshan, simpler lives, close to nature, “real” sports, et al).  The younger ones, either don’t respond to such a debate (showing scant regard for such matters), or have their own preferences (virtual games, reels, fads et al).

The senior ones find the younger ones showing:

– entitlement without hard work (spending 1500/- on home delivery as a no brainer, carrying the latest phone, et al)

– complacency (relaxed demeanour, always lazy, unwilling to get involved)

– opinionated views (my way or high way arrogance)

– half-baked knowledge (gleaned from random websites or poorly informed peers)


The younger ones perceive the senior ones:

– lost in own reference points (Mohammad Rafi, Amitabh Bachchan, Bjorn Borg, Guru Dutt)

– overglorification of “slow” life of yesteryears

– inclined to praise physical intimidation/ ragging/ corporal punishment

– functionally illiterate on handling television remote or mobile applications


What are your views on either segment?


Both parts need to listen with sensitivity to the other. The seniors need to accept, that the times have changed, and their young ones have to be aligned with “today’s” world, with all its challenges and permissiveness. The young have to realize, merely asking for something, doesn’t bless you with it – you need to slog hard to get the elusive attributes.

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