Saturday 13th July 2024,
Sandeep Mann

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The End of a Journey is the Journey itself.

“The end of a journey is the journey itself” encapsulates a profound perspective on the nature of journeys and their significance. Here are a few interpretations and reflections on this statement: 1. **Emphasis on Process over Outcome:** This phrase suggests [...]

June 27, 2024 Awareness, Career Success, Entrepreneurship, Life Skills, Spirituality
Captain Richard Flaherty

Fighting Spirit

Richard J. Flaherty due to complications at his birth only grew to 4-Foot-9-inches tall 97-Pounds. Coming from a family of military heroes Richard also wanted to do his part and serve his country. People laughed at the idea of a [...]

June 27, 2024 Career Success, Life Skills
ABCD FinTech

Sense Behind FinTech Programs

Many MBAs are opting for FinTech specialization – which is a perfectly sensible career pathway. But they ought to know, how the MBA is different from, and how it scores above, the B.Tech. going in that stream. Fintech, a portmanteau [...]

June 9, 2023 Career Success, Career Success, Innovation
Gen gap

Asking Alone Ain’t Enough

It’s always an interesting discussion: how current generations are different from the earlier ones.  The stance of the senior ones is typically to announce nostalgia for their younger days (Doordarshan, simpler lives, close to nature, “real” sports, et al).  The [...]

June 9, 2023 Awareness, Career Success, Life Skills, Society