Sunday 21st April 2024,
Sandeep Mann

Value Nature – Stay Connected

be one with nature
Disconnect with nature, non-appreciation of its laws, can wreak havoc. We have experts talking of the Butterfly Effect, indicating the tenuous devious fine-balance way there is interconnectedness between various modules, systems, flora and fauna of our universe, our planet, our immediate ecosystem.

No man is an island – how true this assertion made in a different context is. Entire mankind isn’t in some silo. Its actions, givings and misgivings, have to have accountability and ownership. It cannot give two hoots to whatever muck it throws in the ever acceptive nature, for there are possibly limits to how much vitriol nature can assimilate and yet perform unimpaired.

Besides legal regulations, conduct moderation by corporates, by communities and by individuals is an unquestionable imperative. In fact, it is a beautiful reference we can make to the Buddhist belief or prescription, that “you” are going to avail of this planet in the lives to come, so preserve its sanctity, lest you have a sad planet to live on a few rebirths later. Sustainability and ever allowed renewal are a must.

Let there be a connect with all elements of nature and ecology.

This in no way implies economic development has to be given a backseat, as many politically motivated wrongly funded NGOs try to prevail – a wholesome cost-benefit analysis has to be shaped so that projects and initiatives ameliorating our lives are conceived and implemented.

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