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Sandeep Mann

Perception Optometry

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Seen people with spectacles? – fancy frames, thick/ thin lenses. An optician makes these spectacles, based on test results done by himself or a qualified eye doctor, an optometrist. The idea is to make the person wearing these see with clarity, taking away any lack of appropriate focusedness.

Sameways, many of us need help from perception optometrist. Prejudices, close mindedness, parochial analysis distort our perception; bringing in refractive error. Many a times, the uniqueness of the rut in which we are caught, forces us to see erroneously. Our lopsided upbringing, slanted ethnicity, or clamor created by those around, may prohibit us from seeing clearly. In the struggle between reality and perception, most of the times, it is the latter that emerges paramount; an acceptance of weightiness of social dynamics over physicals. The need to see afar into distant future and also remote past may be a frailty in the viewer. Accurately reading the risks may be an obtuse-vision case. An imbalanced view-mix of optimism and cynicism may be the affliction.

Is appropriate education a self-correctional perception optometric tool, corrective contact lens equivalents? Ditto for discussions with the enlightened, discourses penned by the wise, introspective meditation, counseling by counselors trained to diagnose and prescribe. The idea is to bring in focussedness on prime issues, on causality-effect relationships, on linkage of various elements hidden and explicit. In extreme cases, intervention akin to laser surgery may be required. You would get a smile next time, when someone says, “I see”, as an acknowledgment of dawning of comprehension.

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