Sunday 19th May 2024,
Sandeep Mann

Didi, What are YOU Unlearning

I am no fan of Rahul Gandhi – some humans you learn to tolerate, for you are taught to respect every individual. And I am critical of hereditary monarchies – again though Rahul is being forced to carry the dynastic baton, for no active choice he has made; like all of us, he couldn’t choose where he shall be born. So overall I am okay by whatever and whosoever Rahul is and whatsoever he is trying to do. In fact, I have begun to appreciate his sense of spontaneity and upfrontness.

So when Ms Mamta Bannerjee commented that he needed to learn politics, I felt upset. Come on, here is a young Turk, replete with enthusiasm, truly developing a connect with youth (despite envy of BJP), and talking more sense than the septa- and sexagenarians. He mayn’t know the machinations corridors of politics invoke upon you (though he mayn’t be that green after all) – but why is it desired that he learn these nefarious complicated tricks. If he stands for progressive change, isn’t that a virtue that dispels a need to know anything else.
My call would be Ms Bannerjee ought to unlearn somethings and of course learn a few others. Learn service. Learn uprightness. Learn balanced treatment of nation as a Union Cabinet role demands. Learn to think India, beyond the parochial fixation with uprooting a party from its bastions (are they that anymore?). Unlearning? – it is already spelled herein.

Could be a play of words, but our smiling and vibrant Nitish (he has begun to sound like a younger Atal Vajpayee, who many of my country folk miss) said Rahul ought to learn governance, and so suggested an ascendancy through the ranks. Nitish no doubt is insightful and a winner at that (his insights are working).

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