Saturday 13th July 2024,
Sandeep Mann

The Sensitive Shall Rule/ Be Ruled?

sensitive versus bullies

Those who care, are concerned about others, often stand exploitation and bullying by those who don’t.

Now it ain’t this always, that the sensitive are weak or something, they are just more accommodating. Yes, a few times, the sensitive ones are soft-spoken, and tend to be treated as doormats. They accept abuse and are also more forgiving.

However, if the entire world were to have domineering dominating people, would it work? Not to state that the world has to survive on the shoulders of the s^%&-taking people.

But there is a definite cushion in social dynamics as a few genteel people prevent flashpoints, and let peace prevail.

In this context, who do you think would be valued by society,
the aggressive or
the passive?

(Assumption: the assertive are too hard to find; learning to be rightfully assertive is complicated and unlearnable?)

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