Saturday 13th July 2024,
Sandeep Mann

60s-70s and 80s-90s

Generation Gap
The 60s-70s born look at 80s-90s born as: opinionated, uninformed, unstructured in thought, too impatient. They also admire them for quickness, directness, confidence.

The 80s-90s born look at 60s-70s born as: out of times, too slow, too demanding, strait-jacketed, colorlessness. They possibly admire them for maturity, depth of information, insights.

Objectively, one has to see the 60s-70s born have come out of a comparatively less complex, fewer-stimuli-laden environment; thus a structured systematic approach made sense. The 80s-90s born have had to fend innumerable choices, layered complexity, a society in engineering; so being reflexive and nimble (even if not fully thought through) style makes more sense.


Also, the later born are probably more solution-oriented (though less equipped to generate solutions; ironically, the earlier born alone have to take onus for creating the problems which now need solutions); i see the later born, instead of reading all facts, tend to intuitively move ahead in processing.

Can the two ally and surge together? Or would the two move antipodally?

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