Sunday 21st April 2024,
Sandeep Mann
idea trials
Elsewhere it was said man needs 50000 years to grow up. Can we hasten this process?

Drugs have to go through Clinical Trials, which take almost 11-12 years in Go To market. Of 5000 molecules, only one makes it to the market. In a similar sense, science has stages like hypothesis, theory, and law (a theory that stands test of time).

Why can’t we have Idea Trials in similar fashion? We know that Ideas are much more potent than drugs. This way, social engineering shall become controllable and truly democratic. We can’t fail to see the advocacy of ideas in current times, usually has “interest groups” managing the lobbying for or against. Be it nuclear activity in Mayapuri of Delhi, or Palm Oil from Indonesian forests exploited by Nestle, or campaign asking for Capital Punishment ought to be banned; a layman can’t be sure of what stance/ posture to take.

Sure, the common educational paradigms we all have been fed, make one think capitalism, humanism etc are the “‘done thing”, and everything else is to be shunned. Can we have a fair audit of all this?

Though I too feel repulsed by iniquity, we can also see that, iniquity has somehow brought us over last 3-4 thousand years. So it it has to be rooted out, the lobbyists need to give simulation/ projective evidence that we would be better off for next 2-3 thousand years! Biological instincts value survival, socialisation seems to value “quality of life”; the latter may be compromising on survival.

Socialisation, in name of collectivism, is shielding man from behaviours which could possibly be jeopardising mankind’s survival. Training-wise, I too have milk of mercy overflowing; but ain’t this over-protectionism of the “feeble”, making man more vulnerable to nature.

Let us have Idea Trials fashioned like Clinical Trials, where sub-stages are passed before universal adoption is sought, before legislation is formulated to make universal compliance mandatory.

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