Saturday 13th July 2024,
Sandeep Mann
entrepreneur or worker or manager or leader
Which one are you as an individual:

Problem Solver – PS; or Opportunities Creator – OC; or Opportunities Handler – OH; or a mix of these. Sure, all are a mix, but where is your forte?

A Worker goes through the transactions of completing a task; whilst a Manager brings review mechanisms to the process, and with insights, both the Worker and Manager can create processes and systems. This combination looks after PS aspects of a team/ organization.

A Leader brings visionary look to the table; while an Entrepreneur gives basic legs to this vision. Both of them engage resources (people, capital, ideas, technology). This combination generates the OC capabilities.

OH is a confluence of all four of the above: Worker, Manager, Leader and Entrepreneur.

Just look at you as an individual or assess your team, and map your capabilities of Problem Solving, Opportunities Creation and Opportunities Handling.

What do you see? A lop?

Most of times organizations are messed up because they allow non-forte individual/ team to encroach on the other. In PS if you undermine the Worker or the Manager; as most Leaders (shall we call them loud leaders!) or restrained Entrepreneur end up doing, issues would arise.

Ditto for parochial Workers/ Managers.

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