Saturday 13th July 2024,
Sandeep Mann


Indeed, ambiguity rules the roost all over; “a thing” possibly meaning “many things”. So how do you Disambiguate – eliminate the inapplicable multifarious interpretations?

This is the talent and science humans have to evolve onto; unless you choose to be ambiguous, purposefully (smile).
Visualize yourself placed between two parallel mirrors; and you can see all of the infinite images have 100% fidelity to the original you. In fact, billiard balls too ricochet as per some laws of physics. Do your utterances pass the filter of disambiguity? Or do various beholders receive different messages?

How exactly can one ensure the utterances would not cloud, but would induce lucidity. What validation, objectively run, shall suffice. Further, as a receiver, how do you strip from the chaff, and obtain what the other person meant.

Food for thought.

(thoughts phrased by Richa Singh)

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