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Sandeep Mann
  • Journey

    The End of a Journey is the Journey itself.

    “The end of a journey is the journey itself” encapsulates a profound perspective on the nature of journeys and their significance. Here are a few

  • Cat

    I Playing with Cat OR Cat Playing with Me

    Understanding whether your cat is playing with you or you’re playing with your cat can sometimes be tricky, but there are a few cues to

  • Battles

    Choice of Battle Matters Most

    The decision of whether to engage in a battle or not often plays a crucial role in determining outcomes in various situations. Here are a

  • Captain Richard Flaherty

    Fighting Spirit

    Richard J. Flaherty due to complications at his birth only grew to 4-Foot-9-inches tall 97-Pounds. Coming from a family of military heroes Richard also wanted

  • ABCD FinTech

    Sense Behind FinTech Programs

    Many MBAs are opting for FinTech specialization – which is a perfectly sensible career pathway. But they ought to know, how the MBA is different

  • Gen gap

    Asking Alone Ain’t Enough

    It’s always an interesting discussion: how current generations are different from the earlier ones.  The stance of the senior ones is typically to announce nostalgia

  • Evolution

    Crunch Point Thesis

    Biological evolution versus Social evolution…. Mankind chose to raise Social evolution as a counter to slow biological evolution (so no survival of the fittest –

supreme court

Naive Questions About an Acclaimed Institution

“Remove all hawkers from Delhi’s roads: Supreme Court” screams a front page headline in The Hindu, Delhi edition, May 6, 2006. Tired of just emotionally reacting to such news and actions, we thought of doing some basic thinking and reading. [...]

May 8, 2006 Blog, Politics, Society

Co-Existing In Space

I thought let me revise my Economics and so asked my colleague Prof Amit Kapoor to suggest a suitable textbook. He gave me a copy of James D Gwartney & others Economics, private & public choice. Right at the beginning, [...]

March 5, 2006 Blog, Physics, Spirituality

Developing a Human Capital Strategy : A Case study of Cisco Systems

Stimuli Jogger nee Essence’s Brief: The idea is to gain competitive advantage when the organizational leaders use human capital; adjusting to changed market conditions for sustained growth and success over time. Herein Cisco stands apart as it invests in nurturing [...]

November 20, 2005 Blog, Board Level, Human Resources, Leadership, Strategy
winning space

Winning Space : Being Reactive Effectively

I get up and wonder what future awaits me. I know it is determined by what I have been doing over past days and years. It is also shaped by what people around me (and afar from me) have been [...]

October 3, 2005 Blog, Board Level, Economy, Leadership, Strategy
managing craetivity

Managing for Creativity

Need we discuss the import of end-result, viz. Are our Creative People performing on their peak. Naturally not; rather what concerns all of us is How To Go About It. And here are some smoothies elicited by Leaders of SAS [...]

September 20, 2005 Blog, Branding-Marketing, Economy, Human Resources

Turning Great Strategy into Great Performance

Eliminate defects and breakdowns in planning and execution; thus not be limited to realizing 60% of potential of your strategy: revealing and troubling findings across 197 giant firms across various product markets and varied geographies. The strategic plan looked wonderful [...]

August 14, 2005 Blog, Board Level, Leadership, Strategy

Reflections On Leadership : A Seminar at Berkeley

Stimuli Jogger nee Essence’s Brief: What is Laudable Leadership and how it connects with managers was the focus of this seminar: a compelling yet elusive dimension for all management and organization building. Juxtaposed was the import of sustaining creative and [...]

June 10, 2005 Blog, Leadership
Century of Invisible

Century of Invisible

Let this century be dedicated to the invisible. This may not be the panacea of all ills challenging mankind, but shall surely take all mankind to better coping levels. And if the trends are to be seen, will-nilly this is [...]

February 7, 2005 Blog, Board Level, Competitiveness, Human Resources, Leadership, Life Skills, Politics, Society, Sustainability